Therapy Medical Billing

Medical Billing for Therapists

Behavioral health providers (Therapists, Licensed Counselors, Psychologists) has specific needs for medical billing. These needs involve process, as well as the cost of medical billing.

Unfortunately, today most medical billing companies are designed to work exclusively with MDs, and are not designed for therapists, nurses, mental health providers, or other masters-level providers. Also, many medical billing companies’ pricing is designed exclusively for large operations–not single-provider practices, or small therapy practices.

At Thriveworks medical billing, we have services specifically designed and priced for your unique needs.

UPDATE 09/2014: To focus on providing excellent medical billing to Thriveworks franchises, we are no longer providing billing services to non-Thriveworks practices.

Learn more about the exciting benefits of opening a Thriveworks Counseling center in your area, here: Counseling Franchise.


Dr. Anthony Centore

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