Mental Health Billing

medical billing womenMedical Billing is a challenge in any medical field, whether you are a PCP (Primary Care Provider), Chiropractor, or …fill in the blank.

However, mental health professionals seems to top the list when it comes to difficulties recieving reimbursement from insurance companies. There could be many reasons for this–the type of claims that are filed, the frequent need of pre-authorizations for sessions, the fact that insurance companies often outsource their mental health benefits to other insurance companies (for examples, Blue Cross might outsource their Mental Health Benefits to Magellan).

However, one major reason that many mental health practices don’t receive the revenues their due is because the staff (both the clinicians and the administrative staff) are flat-out overworked….and medical billing is not their specialty (okay, that’s really 2 reasons).

Thriveworks mental health billers have decades of experience helping their clients to get top dollar from insurance companies. It is our goal to partner with you, so that you can grow your business–and focus on what you do best…clinical care.

UPDATE 09/2014: To focus on providing excellent medical billing to Thriveworks franchises, we are no longer providing billing services to non-Thriveworks practices.

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