Medical Billing Tip: All Sessions Must be Authorized

medical billingAcross the USA, healthcare providers are stressing because they’re not getting their claims for services paid. And they should be! There are many practices that haven’t been paid for over a year, or who have outstanding Accounts Receivable in the hundreds of thousands.

While there are many reasons medical billing claims can be denied (we listed 17 reasons in a previous article), perhaps the most common problem realtes to “Patient/Client Authorization.”

Good Medical Billing starts with getting authorizations. This means, for every single patient, someone must contact the client’s insurance company, prior to his/her first appointment, and get the service authorized. 

Sound like a pain? It’s not fun, but it’s a small effort up front compared to the headache and heartache one can experience is authorization isn’t obtained. Claims will reject. Claims will need to be appealed. And often those appeals are declined for “Lack of authorization.”

You can do this yourself by calling each patients insurance provider! Or, if you’d rather focus on patient care, at Thriveworks Medical Billing, our billing experts will make sure each of your patients is authorized prior to their first appointment with you. 

Be well,

Your Thriveworks Medical Billing Team

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